A Dance of Fire and Ice for Android

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Twin Twisting Elemental Orbs

A Dance of Fire and Ice is a music game created by Hafiz Azman. The music game features controlling two orbiting planets in a series of winding paths. It has very unique rhythm game mechanics with tight gameplay that will pose a great challenge for old and new rhythm game fans alike.

One Button Challenge

A Dance of Fire and Ice is very reminiscent to the classic PlayStation 1 game called Vib-Ribbon. Players navigate in a winding path while precisely following a song’s beat. The only difference is that the game has two elemental planets orbiting each other. The game features exploring the cosmos with the help of a pair of burning and freezing planets. Anyone seeing this game will be impressed by the wide music genre along with fantastic landscapes. They only utilize a single button to move one planet to progress on the next line. Players have to follow the pattern of each track as the game shows them ahead of time. They will eventually learn to analyze and predict the next step to come. Each stage is linear but missing a beat is really punishing. It requires precision and perfect rhythm since each pattern is unique and the difficulty increases. The game’s engaging feature is that players can access new levels with new song genres so that the gameplay remains fresh. Players are free to adjust the game’s calibration to make their experience more comfortable. They can do it manually on-the-fly or allow the auto-calibration system to work. Calibration is also done to avoid slow desync which other games suffer the most.

Dancing Planetoids

A Dance of Fire and Ice is an impressive experience for rhythm game fans. The steep difficulty could be intimidating at first but the sweet tunes and simplistic but beautiful visuals will keep players to try one more time until they perfect each stage.


  • Impressive soundtrack
  • Unique, dexterity based gameplay
  • Only played with a single button
  • Manual or automatic calibration


  • Very challenging gameplay
  • Takes trial and error to clear stages
  • Requires audio output in order to play
  • Few stages to play
  • (Android) Can be laggy sometimes

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A Dance of Fire and Ice for Android

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 999999999999999.999999999999999.999999999999999
  • 4.6
  • (25)
  • Security Status

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